Friday, September 04, 2015
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Common Myths About Food & Nutrition

Are you a person who believes low-fat foods are healthier than those with fat in them?  Have you ever starved yourself or limited your calories thinking that if you did this, you would lose weight? ...

Top Abdominal Moves

With help from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), here are the top moves to whittle your middle. Do these moves for 2 sets of 12-20 repetitions twice a week...

The Best Way To Lose Stomach Fat Fast

There are so many great articles about losing stomach weight that instead of creating our own, we have pulled this one from The Really Useful Fitness...

Spring Fitness Tune-up

Ahhh Spring.  As the the sun and teasing warm weather bring us out of Winter hibernation, many are motivated to get in back in shape.  If you have been working out all Winter, nice work! For the majority...
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What's your primary fitness goal?

Weight Loss - 47.4%
General Health - 30.7%
Strength - 12.3%
Muscle Bulk - 9.6%

Total votes: 114
The voting for this poll has ended on: 28 Nov 2014 - 13:36